The TalentBrew team had an excellent time in Amsterdam earlier this month at the Unleash event. We spoke to several companies looking to upgrade or kick-start their recruitment strategies and learnt a lot about the industry from the excellent speakers and presentations.

Post event we were eager to read the Top HR Trends in Europe Report published by Unleash themselves, and were very pleased with the findings included! Once again, investment in HR technology is predicted to rise in the next 12 months, following the trend of the last few years. In fact, the report states that over three quarters of people questioned intend to increase their HR Tech spend over the next year.

The report also found that the most critical driver for change continues to be the quality of the end-user experience. TalentBrew and AIA Worldwide have always stressed the importance of the candidate experience, so we are excited to see what changes will be implemented across the industry in the future.  Improved tech and user experience can only be good news for HR professionals and job seekers alike!

For these changes to happen however, the report identifies that going digital is only half of the battle; there is also a need to change people’s mindset. The HR industry in general needs to be less concerned about retaining “command and control” and more on providing a better experience. It is not just about doing the same things as before in a better or more technically sophisticated way, but “revolutionising the people experience” at every stage of interaction.

This is of course a subject the team at TalentBrew agree with very strongly. Our personalised careers sites and advanced job descriptions have been tailored over years of experience to make the job search experience as informative and engaging as possible. We are constantly learning from our clients and the candidates who apply to jobs through our software, and so we are in an excellent place to guide those looking to improve their candidate experience.

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