It goes without saying that there is a high correlation between the employer brand and candidate experience. Both are necessary to create a complete experience that influences the candidate's decisions. A superior candidate experience will often strengthen the employer brand. Therefore, it's important to create a positive and superior experience through every touchpoint the candidate has with the brand. 

We often take great care in developing the EVP and creating a powerful visual impression of the brand. However, at a higher level, the messaging is still generic. Superior experience often enhances the employer brand, and creates trust and confidence in the candidates.

If you look at career sites, visually appealing design and seamless job search functionality are given greater importance, and rightly so. However, the message is equally important. Superior candidate experience is in giving the job seeker what he or she wants to consume. For example, if the user searched for sales jobs in Bengaluru, we know a couple of things already. One, is that clearly the user is looking for a sales job and in Bengaluru. Can one take care in delivering jobs and content that match that search? If one is able to deliver relevant content, would the stickiness improve? The answer with your own e-commerce buying experience should be “yes”. An even better experience would take into account if the user comes back to your site. Should he or she be shown the generic home page? The site already has information about the user that could be used to predict the search and provide relevant jobs and content without even searching.

But it’s not just career sites where one can tailor the ads and content pretty much on all digital platforms. In Google paid search for instance, one can create dedicated adverts for specific key words and land the user to the contextually relevant pages. Imagine one searching for sales jobs in Bengaluru. The relevant adverts specifically talk about the sales roles, and the landing page has rich content on sales function and jobs specific to sales. One can start with serving generic adverts and as the site captures the data, content can turn to be really specific. One can start looking at retargeting, and programmatic advertising, for example, to serve highly relevant content.

The more personalisation one creates, the more affinity to the brand increases. In turn, this helps influence the decision making of the candidate. More so, when on an average each candidate consumes 4.2 pieces of media through the application journey, it becomes important to create a positive user experience to continuously influence the decision making. And yes, one has to translate the superior digital experience into a great personal experience as well. Candidates should be treated well, all their questions should be answered and a greater transparency to the whole application process will help to make that impact. 

Excellent brands are about creating superior experiences and candidate experience goes a long way in creating a great brand.

General Manager TMP Worldwide (India)

Pramod Chaganti helps enterprises build their own employer brand. As a versatile sales leader, with an extensive record of success driving channel development, regional growth and market expansion, Pramod leverages proven strategies for developing market share and generating demand whilst always keeping a strong focus on pipeline. You can find him on Twitter, where he shares his thoughts on talent attraction, recruitment and advertising. (As well as some of his sporting endeavours).