Cracking The Content Code

22 Mar 2016
08.30 - 16.30

Ve Interactive, 3-4 Hardwick Street , London, EC1R 4RB

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Content marketing is something of a buzzphrase in the recruitment marketing industry. Many talk about it; few get it right. How do you put a real content strategy in place? How do you tailor your messaging for each audience? How do you mobilise your employees to give you an authentic brand voice? And how do you measure something as seemingly intangible as content?

We’ll seek to answer these questions, and much more, on the day. You’ll hear from the likes of Accenture and Sky on their approach to content, and the difference it’s made to their recruitment activity. Industry digital experts will highlight the key things to consider when you’re embarking on a content marketing journey. There will also be a workshop to put your learnings into practice, and the floor will be thrown open for questions directed towards the panel of industry leaders and innovators.