Heineken certainly made the biggest splash in the employer branding space in September, with their amazing Go Places campaign - an interactive microsite that helps you to understand their company culture and what makes a successful employee at Heineken (including some feedback on your own traits).

It’s an amazing piece of employer marketing and a great example of what it takes to make something ‘go viral’ (in this case, three agencies, a year and a half of production and a no doubt a bucket load of cash).

As great as it is, it’s not without its imperfections, as blogger Martin Burns points out so well in recent article, 'Heineken's New Recruitment Advertising: The (Oh, So Very) Bitter In The Sweet'. I couldn't agree more with him.

Check out the campaign site. You’ll love it. Until you get to search for a job.

LinkedIn Gets a Facelift

Not only are LinkedIn's Company and Career pages due for new layout, but the entire site is getting a facelift too, including some new tools such as LinkedIn Learning and a messaging/scheduling bot, according to Mashable. You can read more about the recent SlideShare update from LinkedIn here

A Siri for Recruiting

Hiring Solved will soon be launching RAI, a 'Siri for recruiting'. The vision for RAI is a conversational sourcing tool allowing recruiters to make requests such as, “Find me ten software engineers within ten miles of Chicago.” At which point Hiring Solved’s sourcing technology takes over. 

It will be interesting to see where the road leads for artificial intelligence and recruitment. I guess we'll have to watch this space. 

How to get your Facebook Careers Page Posts Seen By Your Audience

Facebook offers a great way to connect with your audience, but if you're not getting in front of your people, you're wasting your time. So how do you make sure your page is getting seen? We've written a quick read guide showing how you can improve your page visibility after the latest algorithm change. It only takes two minutes to read and could make a huge difference to your brand engagement. 

Glassdoor’s Employer Brand & Recruiting Summit 2016

The theme for this year’s Glassdoor summit was Transforming Through Transparency. If you missed the lifestream, you can catch all the talks, including presentations from big names such as Josh Bersin, on our curated YouTube playlist


Snapchat is taking Google Glass' place in the wearable camera space with their so-called 'Spectacles', as announced on the Snapchat blog.

Available in three colours, the Spectacles will allow the user to take a day's worth of snaps and will connect directly to the Snapchat app via Bluetooth or WiFi.

Whilst there are obvious privacy concerns, it could be an interesting enabler for employee generated content.

A Report From Content Marketing World

Our Vice President of Inbound Marketing, James Ellis, succinctly wraps up the recent Content Marketing World event, where he was on a guest panel. He addresses the future of content marketing, measuring effectiveness and why it takes an entire team of specialists to fully activate a content marketing strategy. 

How To Appear In Google's Answers Boxes

Moz’s Rand Fishkin explains how to appear in ‘position 0’ in the organic search rankings in this latest edition of their Whiteboard Friday. We’ve noticed job boards recently appear in these featured snippets providing users with answers directly in the search results. It’s therefore important to think about the exposure of your own jobs, and how you format and frame potential answers to users’ search queries. 

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