On the Employer Brand team here at Accenture, we are fortunate to be part of a company that already enjoys brand recognition and awareness but that doesn’t mean that we automatically reach all the different talent pools that we need to. Until recently, we struggled to connect with candidates for some of the job categories that we have to fill, categories that job seekers didn’t always realise we had open. 

So, we began a journey to update our employer brand story in a global fashion. We recognise that a strong employer brand is all about a seamless experience for anyone who comes into contact with that brand, and investing in and leveraging technology in the right way is key to building that kind of experience for employees, candidates, and alumni. We’ve embarked on a successful partnership with TMP Worldwide/AIA Worldwide in order to develop and implement that strategy.

334463_Accenture-EB-Presentation_LOWRES2At Accenture – as with many other companies – we work with technology to improve the way we and our clients live, work, and experience the world. We can now do things far faster and far more efficiently with the right tools in place. On an individual level, the right use of technology helps us manage more tasks in less time; manage home and work commitments, and to keep connected wherever we are in the world. 

Our evolving use of technology is all part of a larger global transformation. But what does it look like for employer brand? It means a big shift in how we were doing business, a shift beyond digital to an ecosystem where technology is built into every single interaction. It means maximising every user experience; understanding what platforms are best in class to do that job and how they interface to provide a seamless experience from Candidate to Employee to Alumni. It also means understanding how we can integrate AI and Machine Learning in innovative ways to create new waves of employment. 

334463_Accenture-EB-Presentation_LOWRES2We are all facing the challenges created by the demand for skilled talent, the need to deliver a consistent and world-class experience across all talent touchpoints, and the changing role that technology is playing in our lives. 

We were pleased to share the story of our employer brand journey during our presentation at World Employer Brand Day 2018 in Prague. We are also happy to share some of the research we used to inform our point of view – whether developed by us or third-parties – in order to share our experience and to help other companies facing the same challenges we are.

Below is a model we've constructed to show how we are anchoring our employer brand experience at Accenture. I hope you find this useful. 

Accenture-EVP-Model-2.jpg#asset:1411Feel free to connect with me should you have any questions. I look forward to continuing the dialogue.


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LinkedIn: EmmaTolhurst

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