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In the past couple of years, the talent acquisition space has become crowded. Crowded by investment in HR tech start-ups, competing services and solutions claiming to revolutionise the future of hiring, and challenges by the likes of Facebook and Linkedin. 

The one thing that HASN'T changed, is the conundrum faced by recruiters to stand out from the crowd online while appealing to prospective candidates to reach out in the first place, and their ability to engage them once they've got their attention.   

If anything, this has become increasingly more difficult as the technical landscape becomes the focus, often to the detriment of the user experience. 

So - what does the future hold?

SMART recruiters are keeping it simple.  

They're using expert marketeers to help them increase the relevance of their advertising.  They're segmenting carefully so they are only engaging with right fit candidates.  And they're taking time to reassure and engage those individuals at every opportunity through the process.  

So - will the RecTech Hype Cycle radically change in the future? I believe we'll see the bells and whistles (funky new and untested concepts) falling by the wayside while the evidence-based and often more straightforward approaches (done well) taking the lead. Candidates will vote with their feet. And deselect organisations who don't provide a friction free, relevant and compelling approach.

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