What are Candidate-Employee Chat Platforms?

A candidate-employee chat (or discussion) platform allows digital conversations to be started and continued the whole way through the recruitment journey. Employers are using them as a way of enhancing their candidate experience and giving candidates a touch-point into the business at different stages of the recruitment process. 

At the attraction stage, they allow candidates to find out more about an organisation by joining real-time moderated group chats where they not only have access to HR contacts but also to key individuals within the business who can provide an authentic response to their questions. Before key recruitment events, such as video interviews or assessment days, group chats can be scheduled to reassure candidates and provide advice and guidance. And after an offer has been made, group chats can be a way of keeping candidates warm and reduce renege rates. 

With the ability to share content such as video and polls during group chats, it allows employers to curate the experience and bring their brand to life. In addition to group chats, discussion platforms also allow for one-to-one chats to be used as a helpdesk and an alternative to in-bound email and telephone enquiries. Candidates can quickly ask a question from their mobile or tablet devise and get real-time response from the resourcing team. 

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Expert's View

By Ali Hackett, Director & Co-Founder, Meet & Engage

Candidate-employee discussion platforms have transformed the way organisations can interact with candidates during the recruitment journey. Whereas a year or two ago, recruiters might have thought ‘why would I need to use live chat’ they are now seeing it as ‘I must use it’ if they want to effectively engage with their candidates. As we see an industry trend of moving away from brand-led engagement, more and more candidates are after an authentic picture of ‘what it’s really like to do the job’ and as such this has led to an increase in peer-to-peer conversations. Live chat platforms allow these conversations to happen with recruiters bringing relevant stakeholders in from around the business to join them in answering candidates’ questions. It allows these individuals to be the experts and impart knowledge and advice directly to a candidate.

More and more organisations are introducing ‘digital agendas’ as a business strategy so live chat allows resourcing teams to meet this need whilst also aligning themselves more to the next generation of candidates who are used to being able to access information digitally – and instantaneously.

Employers are starting to use live chat beyond the confines of the recruitment piece with organisations scheduling chats with the aim of becoming thought leaders within their industry. These chats are on relevant and interesting topics and promoted to a passive candidate audience, as well as their current and alumni employees. Recruitment becomes the secondary focus to starting the peer-to-peer dialogue.  

The key to live chat platforms will be their ability to keep up with technology and create alternative ways for employers to engage with candidates.

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