Ellyn Shook, the Chief Leadership & Human Resources Officer at Accenture, shared a post on LinkedIn on June 29, 2017 which is excerpted below. In it, she addressed the importance of "belonging" and her desire to start a movement around Inclusion. 

"We all share a common need to be understood, valued and feel a sense of belonging. And when we have a greater awareness of and connection to each other, real culture change can occur.

This sense of belonging is really the new frontier on our journey. Pat Wadors, CHRO at LinkedIn, has coined the phrase, “DIBS”, and she defines it beautifully:

• Diversity is what makes us unique – both our seen and unseen attributes. 
• Inclusion is the verb – the action of “inviting to the table”
• Belonging is how I feel when I’m my authentic self – valued, safe and willing to take risks and innovate.

We’ve since shared the video internally and externally, and it touched people deeply – helping them realize that bias can appear in both expected and unexpected ways. Each of us has the power to make a difference – to create a true sense of belonging where people can be themselves and at their best, both professionally and personally. 

Given the strong emotional response, our people asked immediately to share the video with family and friends outside Accenture. After listening to them we recognized the opportunity to use #InclusionStartsWithI as a catalyst to create a broader and deeper dialogue beyond our four walls.

I sincerely hope the voices of our people start a movement, inspiring you to join the conversation. My ask is that you make a commitment to act, publicly or privately, because I believe every person’s voice has the power to change the world.  If you are comfortable sharing your commitment publicly, post it to your favorite social feed using #InclusionStartsWithI.  Also, here is a Facebook filter you can use – search on "Inclusion" or "Accenture" on the frames page on Facebook.  It’s unbranded because this isn’t a marketing campaign. It’s about all of us.

It’s on each and every one of us to break through the barriers that separate us by starting a new conversation and backing up our words with actions, every day. To borrow from one of my prior blog posts, it’s the small stones that we move every day that will eventually move mountains. I truly hope you will join the #InclusionStartsWithI movement and invite others to do the same.

Connect with me at @EllynJShook1"

We were privileged to play a part in bringing this video to life and to be able to help Accenture deliver this important message.  

Stand up. Join the movement. #InclusionStartsWithI 

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