We all know how important employer brands and corporate cultures are in attracting and retaining top talent. A few months ago, we shared a post, “Inclusion Starts With I…When A Moment Becomes a Movement,” about the work Accenture is doing around issues of workplace inclusion.  

We are proud to have played a small part in that effort, working with them to produce an inspiring, informative, and impactful video on the topic: 

"We put inclusion and diversity at the very heart of the way we work, think, and run our business because we believe that only if you bring your true self to work will Accenture benefit from the best you can be. At its simplest level, a diverse workforce is a more powerful workforce, and at Accenture that means delivering even more value to clients."

Oliver Benzecry, Chairman and Managing Director of Accenture UK & Ireland

But Accenture’s efforts haven’t stopped there. 

Their belief that inclusion, diversity, and gender parity are crucial to business success is driving an ongoing commitment to highlighting the issues impacting so many in the workforce. Accenture is helping to drive the conversation around those issues forward not only for themselves but also for companies across the globe. 

It’s critical that companies create a truly human environment where people can be successful both professionally and personally—where they can be who they are and feel they belong, every day.”

Ellyn Shook, the Chief Leadership & Human Resources Officer at Accenture

We are pleased to be affiliated with a company like Accenture that works so hard to be part of these important discussions.

To learn more about some of the work that Accenture is doing across these critical areas, and to discover resources you might find of interest, please explore the links below:

“Inclusion Starts with I” is a continuing conversation about the importance of a positive, inclusive world and work environment. Learn how the people of Accenture define Inclusion and how they share their commitment to making it real.

Diversity Makes Us Stronger” outlines Accenture’s commitment to their own people showcasing the top down engagement from the CEO and board of directors.

“We have an unwavering commitment to inclusion and diversity. This commitment starts at the top—with our CEO and board of directors—and we expect leaders at all levels to help create and sustain an inclusive environment. Our ambition is to be the most inclusive and diverse company in the world. We believe our diversity makes us stronger and more innovative—and we embrace diversity as a source of innovation, creativity and competitive advantage.”


“When She Rises, We All Rise – Getting to Equal 2018” showcases the work required on the journey to gender equality.

“Our research shows that in companies with cultures that include the workplace factors that help women advance, men thrive too, and we all rise together.”

Julie Sweet, Chief Executive Officer – Accenture North America

Accenture’s latest “Getting to Equal” research is available here.

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