Recently, I've met two people whose passion for their organisation has convinced me more than ever of the need for great video at the core of a company's content strategy.

The circumstances of both visits were quite different, but both involved site visits to clients. Both sites had high levels of security, but the security was higher in one and the coffee better in the other.

The first visit was to a maximum security prison and the second to a TV company for a studio tour, but on each occasion I was shown around by somebody whose commitment and passion made me think ‘if only we could give every appropriate candidate the opportunity I've had to spend time with this person and see this organisation – they would definitely want to join’.

And on each occasion I have thought, what’s stopping us?

It’s possible to create really immersive video content. The proliferation of mobile devices has meant that can be consumed easier than ever. And if that content is authentic - depicting your employees - then the impact can be far greater than a scripted message.

Generally speaking, it’s budget that comes between plan and execution, but once a strong content engine is in place, I'm an advocate for taking a 'video up' approach to budgeting.

Executive Vice President, Europe

Gareth Edwards leads the AIA business in the UK, and TMP business in Europe, and is focused on driving the agency’s strategy and creating a business that is driven by creativity, powered by technology and focused on people. Gareth has held a variety of senior roles in the industry and has worked with a wide range of clients in sectors including retail, banking, professional services and central government to help them develop and execute their talent marketing strategies.