As we help companies tell their story in a way that will attract and engage the talent they need, we employ the principle of Strength and Stretch. There needs to be enough that is attractive, credible and true today to build trust in your organisation (Strength) but there also needs to be some more aspirational elements (Stretch) that will be exciting to the sort of people you need to have on board. That way we will be confident that the employee value proposition (EVP) is fit for the future and change oriented.

But when it comes to activating the EVP, we often see organisations pouring their energy into the gap, or the Stretch. The future is important, of course it is. It's vital to help guide the definition of HR plans and budget allocation. But what seems to be forgotten are the Strengths. Everyone seems to take them for granted, but they need to be nurtured and seeded into the content calendar and form a key part of the communication plan so that they are woven into the mindset of your employees.

That's the point I really emphasised during a recent workshop I ran for the HR Leadership Team of a global FMCG company. Getting that relationship right between the EVP Strengths & Stretch and the HR & Communication Plans is imperative.

Managing Director, AIA Worldwide Consulting

With more than 25 years’ experience as a HR professional under his belt, David works with global clients to help them engage effectively and meaningfully with their employees, enabling companies to grow and thrive. Before arriving to lead the agency’s consulting offering, David held senior HR roles with Coca-Cola, Lloyds TSB and Tesco.