The pace of change is so fast these days that what we know to be true today, will be challenged tomorrow. Whether at an individual level, in how we see and interact with the world, at corporate level in how our businesses respond to change, or even at societal level; change has never seemed so present.

As a British citizen, who spends a great deal of time travelling in Europe, I am reminded almost every week, as I pass through a passport control, that even my identity as a European citizen is on borrowed time.

In an era where we recognise our businesses are operating in a state of constant transformation, it is becoming counterintuitive to arrive at a fixed point when it comes to Employer Branding.

Meanwhile rigid guidelines become impossible to effectively police in the era of democratic self publishing.

Dynamic brands aligned to progressive corporate cultures that hold overall corporate purpose at their heart are where we are headed.

What does dynamic branding mean in an employer brand context?

From where I sit (currently mid air between London and Munich) enabling a dynamic employer brand means harnessing the power of more of our people to tell our story. We know potential hires want to hear from people, not corporations and we also know the huge value of great content across multiple channels from an inbound marketing perspective.

 There are three keys to making this work:

  • Authenticity: Content is authentic to the organisation’s culture and to the individual producing it.
  • Alignment: Content is aligned to the audience and with the corporate purpose and vision whilst allowing for tonal variety that reflects the diversity that exists in any organisation.
  • Autonomy: Authors are empowered and enabled to produce content in an autonomous capacity.

The work of getting to clarity on the EVP at corporate level remains hugely important in achieving the insight that will enable all this.

Our challenge lies in how we drive employer brand activation. In the past we have thought in terms of guidelines. In the future we will think in terms of empowerment and enablement.

Executive Vice President, Europe

Gareth Edwards leads the AIA business in the UK, and TMP business in Europe, and is focused on driving the agency’s strategy and creating a business that is driven by creativity, powered by technology and focused on people. Gareth has held a variety of senior roles in the industry and has worked with a wide range of clients in sectors including retail, banking, professional services and central government to help them develop and execute their talent marketing strategies.