A candidate persona is a profile of a hypothetical person that represents a specific target audience. It helps you identify solutions to meet your candidates’ needs, when creating a content marketing strategy or a website user experience, for example. They help you devise a strategy that meets the needs of your audience, ensuring you provide valuable, useful, interesting content and user experiences.

Personas should be created based on actual research and insight, not based on assumptions. To truly understand your target audience, you need to speak to your audience – or at least you need to speak to those who are as close to your target audience as possible. In the case of candidate personas, that’s likely to be new hires (those that have joined within 3 months or so) who fit into your target talent audience.

We’d recommend a minimum of 3 - 5 interviews per audience. More or less may be required depending on the complexity of the talent group and how niche it is.

The templates in the downloadable guide are designed to give you the tools to be able to build an effective candidate persona.

The first section provides you with some sample questions to use as inspiration for your interviews with your target talent groups.

The second section provides you with a template to record the answers from each of your interviews. You’ll want one sheet per interviewee.

The third section provides you with a template to create your specific persona for this talent group. Based on the aggregate answers from your interviews, create a persona using the common themes that emerge from each interview.


If you have any questions about building candidate personas, feel free to get in touch by emailing nathan.perrott@aia.co.uk or calling 020 3375 4137.

Director of Digital Strategy

Nathan helps organisations optimise their recruitment marketing strategies by leveraging technology, creativity and data. In his role at employer marketing agency AIA Worldwide, Nathan has played pivotal roles in developing content marketing and social media strategies for large multinational corporations, as well as being a driving force behind a number of careers website projects and hiring strategies powered by the agency’s proprietary automated recruitment marketing software, TalentBrew. Catch him on Twitter, where he tweets all things digital marketing, branding and tech.