There are a few things in life that make us digital marketing strategists get a bit excited. Maybe too excited sometimes. Certainly for some of our friends and colleagues who maybe don't share our passion for tech, social media and all things digital. Here are some of our favourites...

  1. A Google algorithm update. A chance to show off the latest knowledge to a client and to change your views on what good / bad SEO is... again!
  2. Seeing a campaign exceed expectations. And telling everyone you know, and don't know, all the stats from Likes to conversion ratios.
  3. A killer app that makes content creation easy. Then showing your colleagues how it can revolutionise their clients' content marketing strategies.
  4. Getting a budget with your brief. Sounds simple but it really does excite us.
  5. Being asked the question; "So, what do you do?" and taking half an hour to explain it, without really explaining what you do.
  6. Looking at data. Sounds boring, but us digital strategists love a good rummage around Google Analytics, social insight tools and advertising metrics. And we love to share the learnings, even with people who don't have the faintest idea what we're talking about. 
  7. Which takes us on to the next point. We love to teach. There's something about seeing a client 'get' how programmatic works, or understanding the principles behind content marketing.
  8. Wearable tech. We love how it works, we love it's potential, we're just not quite sure if it suffers from the 'Bluetooth headset effect' yet, (if you get what we mean).
  9. Watching an ad on TV at home and having a wave of inspiration for that campaign brief you've been trying to crack. Then telling your better half all about how it could work whilst they look at you with that 'you're such a geek' look on their face.
  10. A statistic that you can use again and again to iterate your point. Until it's out if date anyway, which it probably already is.

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Director of Digital Strategy

Nathan helps organisations optimise their recruitment marketing strategies by leveraging technology, creativity and data. In his role at employer marketing agency AIA Worldwide, Nathan has played pivotal roles in developing content marketing and social media strategies for large multinational corporations, as well as being a driving force behind a number of careers website projects and hiring strategies powered by the agency’s proprietary automated recruitment marketing software, TalentBrew. Catch him on Twitter, where he tweets all things digital marketing, branding and tech.