In this episode of the TalentBrew TechTalk Podcast, I talk to Ali Hackett, co-founder from Meet & Engage, and Chris Wray, Head of Recruitment at Anchor Trust. I'm also joined by my colleague, Nathan Perrott.

We're talking about everything in the AI and chatbot space, finding out what's relevant, what's up and coming and what really matters in recruitment marketing. 

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Ali Hackett

With over twenty years of recruitment marketing experience, Ali Hackett Director and co-founder of Meet & Engage, is one of the most respected players in the industry. (She's also one of the nicest people you'll ever meet).

Ali's passionate about using technology to create a superior candidate experience that communicates employers' offerings effectively, from the very first click on 'apply' to keeping the candidate warm before Day One at the new job.

Meet & Engage facilitates an authentic and consistent candidate and employer communication experience, whilst crucially, always remaining personal to the candidate.

Find out:

  • Ali's biggest lesson learned in chat
  • How Ali recommends communicating with a senior, more passive community
  • How Ali's technology takes candidates on a personalised experience throughout their journey
  • What to share bring out the warmth and personality of your organisation
Chris Wray

If you've seen Chris Wray, Head of Recruitment at Anchor Trust, speak at events such as RecFest 2017, then you can't fail to have noticed his enthusiasm for creating positive candidate experiences (and his fantastic hair).

Chris recognises the power of using chat in talent attraction and has put his skills, knowledge and experience of this into building Anchor Trust's very own chatbot. 

Chris has learned several lessons along the way, which he shares with us in this podcast. 

Find out:

  • The biggest mistake Chris has made with chat (and what he'd do differently)
  • The incredible cost per applicant 
  • How Chris makes his chat sassy

And here's a video of Chris' Facebook chatbot .

Nathan Employer Brand

Nathan Perrott is our Director of Digital Strategy. He's been at the frontline of digital for more than seventeen years, helping clients identify latest innovations and opportunities for synergy and improved performance, all whilst maximising return on investment. 

Find out: 

  • Nathan's opinion on Snapchat and where it should be used
  • When a chatbot is not a chatbot
  • The real challenge that faces employers
  • How tech can be brand damaging
  • Nathan's favourite chatbots in the digital space

Listen to the podcast here

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