I'll start with a classic British conversational piece; What is going on with the weather? Snow, sun and rain. And now sun again? It's certainly never boring here, is it? 

It's been another mixed week in the world of advertising and recruitment too. We've rounded up the best stories of the past few days, so grab your sunglasses*/warm drink*/umbrella* (*delete as appropriate) and tuck in.


YouTube's annual #Brandcast event was held at the end of April. Amongst star guests, (including Big Bird and NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver) CEO Susan Wojcicki announced an exciting YouTube initiative: Google Breakout Videos. 

Breakout Videos, an extension of the Google Preferred advertising package, is a chance for brands to launch their messages amongst the "hottest and fastest-rising videos" on YouTube. So, Google identifies hot videos and advertisers get a chance to place their ad before the video starts.

And YouTube is certainly the place for brands to be; it reaches more 18-49 year olds during prime time than the top ten US TV shows combined.

I'll just let that sink in: Top ten TV shows. Combined.

As YouTube vlogger, Lilly Singh reminded us, "Gone are the days of testing this platform, that is sooo 2013. YouTube is proven and the audience is here. I hope you are too."

Are you with her?

Golden Google

Sticking with Google, the employment golden child has hit the sweet spot again with undergraduates, who for the second time in a row, have voted it best undergraduate employer. 

Second place goes to Cancer Research and third to MI6 (but shh... don't tell anyone). Props to British Airways who rose from 26th to 6th place and also NHS - from 27th to 11th. Fifty-two thousand undergrads were surveyed by international research firm, trendence. 

Perfect Perks: Ping pong tables, flexible working, free lunches, gym memberships and a day off on your birthday. What do you think motivates employees the most? If you thought flexible working, then *round of applause* you'd be right. Facilities and building maintenance specialists, Direct365, found that thirty-five percent of employees valued flexible working as the most valuable perk of all.

But flexible working doesn't just mean working flexible hours. It means supporting the idea of a flexible working environment and allowing employees work away from their desk. So, they could work from home, during their commute or whilst sipping skinny lattes in that hipster coffee shop round the corner.

But, hang on. Before you start inviting staff to Skype rather than sit in on a meeting, don't forget the power collaborative workplaces can bring. There's a lot to be said for chat around the water cooler. 

McBoatface Sinks

This week's round up would not be complete without a nod to the legend that never was - Boaty McBoatface. Despite the overwhelming popularity Boaty McBoatface garnered, as the new name of the polar exploring vessel, the scientists behind the scenes decided to go with the much less humorous (although some might argue, more appropriate) name of - Sir David Attenborough

But, never fear - McBoatface lives on, albeit as a slightly less imposing remotely operated underwater drone.

Wait, shouldn't it be called Subby McSubface then? Nevermind. Long Live Boaty McBoatface and all who sail submerge in her. 

Campaign of the Week: New Zealand Police Force

Beat drop. Mic drop. Jaw drop. 

The campaign of the week has to go to New Zealand's police force, whose viral Running Man Challenge has gone global. The challenge is part of a year long recruitment drive to attract four hundred more officers to the profession by the end of 2016.  Enthusiastic police forces who have taken part so far include New York, Scotland, The Met, Finland and Central Australia, with varying degrees of ability and style. This is our favourite attempt. (Hello sideways crab!). What's yours?

Something for the Weekend

We have Pizza Friday in the office once a month (yay), but who needs Pizza Friday when you can taste the flavour of the Colonel, and nibble on your fingers instead? Fast food ballers, KFC, have (bizarrely) lived up to their finger-licking reputation to produce 'Hot & Spicy' and 'Original Recipe' nail varnishes. No, it's not a late April's Fools joke. It's real. it's here. And I want them to make a KFC gravy one.

That's it for this week! Have you seen any advertising or recruitment gems? Send them our way in the comments below.

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