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LinkedIn: Positive Results and a Refresh

Things are finally looking up for LinkedIn. The social network for professionals is not only celebrating a better than expected first quarter result, but has also redesigned its popular Recruiter Tool.

The newly designed Recruiter Tool, part of their Talent Solutions product offering, enables users to check out potential hires at a much deeper level than ever before. 

One smart feature we like is the 'Find People Like' search facility. It works like this: Say you're asked to recruit someone, just like your favourite sales manager, Joe Bloggs. Simply type their name into the search and Recruiter will pull up a list of potential candidates with the same skill-set as Joe. You can even narrow it down by location and find out if Joe has applied to your company before.

Pretty neat, right?

Snapchat: Video Views

Whilst we're on the subject of social, are you a user of Snapchat? The little ghost with big appeal is currently clocking up over 10 billion video views every day. 10 billion. That's more video views than there are people on earth (7.1 billion). Crazy.

Understandably, marketers are labelling Snapchat as a serious competitor to Facebook. But Zuckerberg won't be quaking in his boots just yet. Read here for why.

Creative businesses are using Snapchat to engage audiences and give viewers a sneak peek behind the business scenes. If you're snapchat-curious, you can see some other creative ways of using the app to help promote your business here

Disengaged Employees

At AIA Worldwide, Friday in the office means drinks and nibbles at 4pm. Hurrah! Those little things make a big difference y'know. Unfortunately, not everyone is as enthusiastic as I am when it comes to their employer. A report by Love Energy Savings found that 40% of workers feel their employer doesn't do enough to engage them

What kind of techniques does your firm employ to engage employees? Dress down days? Pizza Fridays? Is that really enough? Maybe, like HSBC, you offer a peer recognition scheme, where colleagues can reward each other with points and claim gifts from a catalogue. Nice, eh? And if you like that, you're bound to like one of these 59 ideas too.

BBC Application Change

The BBC is investing in unconscious bias and disability awareness training for their recruiters. The broadcaster is also set to remove names and universities from job applications before they are reviewed in a bid to create a more diverse workforce and increase opportunity for underrepresented groups. 

Would you emulate the BBC and do something like that at your workplace? Is that really an effective way to create a more diverse workforce? More ways to make things diverse at work can be found here. "Be the change you want to see in the world of recruitment." (To paraphrase Gandhi. Sort of)

Cool Campaign of the Week

Cool Campaign of the Week goes to Lowes Home Improvement. The American DIY chain are upping their social game by harnessing the power of Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook Flip to expand their 'Fix In Six' Vine Campaign and appeal to the visual-loving millennial.

Lowes' FlipSide video shows viewers the consequences of deciding to maintain or not maintain their home by pioneering Facebook's mobile feed Flip video feature. This addictive little application allows viewers to simultaneously watch two videos by tilting their phone. 

Oh, and seeing as this is our first round-up blog, although not strictly recruitment advertising, I couldn't resist including this clever campaign from supermarket giants, Waitrose. After some bad press for other supermarket chains, Waitrose have invited viewers to check into a live feed to their farms where you can see cows and chickens living their happy, free-range lives in real-time.

Something For The Weekend...
The recent loss of musical megastar, Prince, has cut very deep wounds here in the office.

This article from AdWeek looks not only at the power of the purple one's branding, but also in how his ability to constantly surprise his audience was unparalleled. Did you know he played electric guitar on Madonna's Like A Prayer? Or that despite being 5'2, he was a talented basketball player? The man never fails to amaze, even after death.

That's it for this week. Let us know your thoughts of any of these stories in the comments below.

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