It's Father's Day this Sunday and in honour of all dads out there, we've picked some of our favourite dad-related news and advertising campaigns from this year. So, if you've been too tied up with the football to sort out a card for your old man, then never fear; this post will get you all misty-eyed with nostalgia, and have you seeking out the local Clinton's, if you haven't already. 

Oh, and as an FYI, for this post, tissues are mandatory. 

Don't say I didn't warn you.

#TeamTickly vs #TeamSoft 

I'll start with something light and fluffy to ease you in.

Braun have partnered with Mumsnet to launch the #TeamTickly vs #TeamSoft campaign for Father's Day. The campaign asks children whether they prefer kisses from their dad to be soft or tickly. (Stay with me, here.)

Results from a survey, which Braun conducted with a range of families, revealed that 38% of children don't give their dad as many kisses as their mum because of annoying stubble. Almost three out of four children prefer their dad with no stubble at all. Pretty handy results for Braun. But beardy dads, don't reach for the razor just yet - 73% of kids like the fact their dads' beards are tickly and make them laugh. 

Altogether now - ahhhh....

*Ding Dong* Calling all Dads

Have you seen the latest Facebook campaign from Tesco? Arguably the daddy of all supermarkets, the chain has released a pretty tear-inducing video, celebrating typical dads of all shapes and sizes. Doting daughters and sons are invited to share their love for their dads on the ubiquitous chainstore tannoy. (Staff call one please, there's a flood of tears in aisle seven.)

Bank of Dad

Certain stereotypes would have you believe the dads in the video above are in the minority. Are dads the family shoppers, or is it normally mum who's in charge of the weekly shop? After all, Mums Go To Iceland, right? (Side note: Back in the 90's, my own dad actually complained about this advert being sexist - true story.)

In fact, research by Carat has revealed that 59% of dads hold the keys to the household budget. And, unlike women, who are apparently persuaded by celebrity endorsements, dads prefer the recommendation of a friend, with 30% saying they would trust a friend's recommendation over an advert. Dads are even more likely to spend more if it means getting a better quality product.

Dan Hagen, chief strategy officer at Carat, said: “This just goes to show that both mums and dads are important. For years marketing has focused on mums holding the household purse strings, but this research shows that dads have a fairly equal voice – and may be persuaded to pay a little more as well.”

Jane Bond

It's not just men who play the role of dad. There are plenty of single mums out there playing the part of both mother and father. Women can be just as great as the dad stuff as men can. 

This theme has been rolled over to the intelligence recruitment market too. As part of a revamped campaign to attract more women to the industry, GCHQ (Government Communication Headquarters) and Mi6 have started to advertise on Mumsnet. Skills sought are empathy, relationship building and 'strong emotional intelligence' (eyes in the back of your head was neither listed as an essential, nor desirable skill). It's hoped that the offer of flexible working hours will help increase female recruitment figures to 45% by 2021. 

Can you imagine how many cool parent points you would score if you got this role? Although when it comes to the playground gossip, you'd probably have to keep schtum about your job. 

Ask Your Father

Did you know that 94% of teenagers would rather Google a question than ask their own dad for help? Pretty sad, right?

Gillette have created this heart-warming video, with fathers and sons across the globe, to try and change this mindset. Young people were encouraged to ask the internet for help on subjects such as frying an egg and (surprise, surprise) shaving. The results are pretty bad, until a familiar face comes to the rescue.

This video serves to remind us that the best teachers aren't always on the other side of a YouTube camera lens. 

(Pro tip: grab those tissues again)

Modern Dads

Let's finish on something a bit more upbeat. Soap company Dove have released a video entitled 'Caring Makes My Dad, My Hero', as part of their on-going Men+Care campaign. The video shows dads and kids having fun, with captions flashing up including, 'The Ones Who Go The Extra Mile' and 'The Ones Who Make Dreams Come True'.

Amongst expected father and son and dad and daughter moments, there's a short clip of a two dads stealing a quick kiss whilst holding a sleeping baby.

So, that brings this fortnight's special edition to a close. What did you think of the campaigns? Too emotional? Just right? Let us know in the comments below.

And finally, if you're a dad, by blood or by example, I'll be raising a glass to you and all other fathers this Sunday. Happy Father's Day. Have a great one.

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